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A Conversation with Ickworth : Researching Ickworth and the First World War

August 1, 2014

Our first trial of the "Conversation with Ickworth" panel idea, the topic was Researching Ickworth and the First World War. Our panel comprised of Peter McGee, the volunteer who led this research stream, Iris Taylor, who also volunteers in the research team and Chloe Woodrow, Assistant House Manager. The Chair was Graham Parker, an ‘Exemplar Champion’ volunteer who has trialled the other ‘people phase’ concepts as well as being a member of the research team.

Peter McGee
, Volunteer Researcher
Iris Taylor
, Volunteer Researcher
Chloe Woodrow
, Assistant House Manager
Graham Parker

Jonathan Blackford

Recorded at Ickworth House, Suffolk on 26.7.14

This panel discussion was convened as part of Ickworth's Exemplar Project, and is one of the 6 ideas put together by Talking Birds as part of the project. It is designed to disseminate the work of the volunteer research team at Ickworth.

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